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201 South 11th Street, Minneapolis, MN, 55403

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The Ivy Tower is a tall spire built in the early 30s before the depression in Minneapolis. Endearing in its quirkiness, the tiny floor plates were inefficient as office space, and so the building languished for decades, always in danger of demolition.

Enter the Starwood Corporation in the mid-2000s. Employing Ivy Tower as the "signature expression" of a new multi-use development.

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Ivy Hotel And Residences Condos For Sale In Minneapolis MN

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Starwood has added a tall tower with 91 luxury residences dubbed the "Hotel Ivy Condos", and a shorter 136-room hotel as part of its Luxury Collection made up of historic structures.Currently, most of the condominiums within the Ivy Tower are in receivership.  Without possibility for title transfer for the moment, the unsold units (approximately 90%) are being leased. 

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