Humboldt Lofts For Sale In Minneapolis, MN.

In the early 2000s the Mill District was slowly unfolding as one of the newest neighborhoods in downtown Minneapolis. A number of mills along 2nd St South had successfully been converted to lofts. Between these rehabbed mills and the site of the future Guthrie Theater was an open lot ripe for development. It was here that a contemporary addition to the area would be built: Humboldt Lofts. Julie Snow the architect who designed the building took the industrial feel of the neighborhood and put an ultra contemporary spin on the finished product. The result was 38 lofts in a 9 story building finished with cor-ten panels, white brick and plenty of windows. Stroll by the building on a Saturday morning in the summer and you will see the Mill City Farmers Market in full effect.

Humboldt Lofts for Sale In Minneapolis MN

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