The subject heading reads list an update on Facebook or Google+, its not every day that you hear about a condo building in Minneapolis getting solar panels.  But thats exactly what is going on over at the Lofts on Arts Avenue right off 3rd Ave downtown in the Stevens neighborhood.  The condo owners of the building decided to spring for solar panels which will cover most of the roof of the building.  Doing an improvement of this size is not cheap.  The homeowners association saved quite some time for a major capital improvement like this--and they needed a majority to approve the spending measure.  Tough the panels have not been installed as of yet, (9.20.11), here is the plan:

  The homeowners want to be able to create a system that will generate enough electricity to power the buildings common areas as well as all the units with additional left over to sell back to Ecel Energy.  This would make Lofts on Arts Avenue the first condo building in Minneapolis to do such a project.  We at Downtown Resource Group are looking forward to hearing the progress on this as it unfolds!


  Solar Panels on the top floor of a building

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