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February 2012

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Minneapolis Skyways

  minneapolis-skyways_400Minnesota winters get cold. Very cold. For many who frequent downtown Minneapolis, these figid temperatures may have you thinking twice about making the trip downtown to the Nicollett Mall or surrounding business in the heart of the city. The climate controlled skyways span over 7 miles across downtown, linking multiple buildings to each other over the busy streets in the city. This unique system allows citizens to navigate the urban areas without stepping foot outside. Weather can no longer be an excuse toenjoy the restaurants, businesses, and shops that you love in the large towers.  Panoramic windows still allow daylight and scenic views of downtown to be apartof your commute, making this skyway system an all around solution to

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This couple just purchased a condo in downtown Minneapolis  The evolution of urban living in Minneapolis is taking another interesting turn, here's what we are finding: part of the buyer market is purchasing for part time living purposes and weekend stays versus full time condo living.  These types of buyers are looking for a smaller condo or loft tucked somewhere in an ideal neighborhood within Minneapolis.  They are looking for an urban cabin.

An Urban Cabin?  Say what?

   Over the past 2-3 years the buyer market has changed and become dynamic.  Suddenly the idea of purchasing a condo downtown for full time use doesnt nessesarily make sense for every buyer.  As the baby boomer generation begins the cycle of downsizing from their palacial single family homes in the burbs to high density areas of the city

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