Thinking of making the decision to buy in 2013? Here are some simple points to think about.


  (Don't worry if you don't have all the answers to these questions. Just thinking about them will help you get ready to start your search.)

1. Where do you want to live?

  What part of Minneapolis and the surrounding area best suits your lifestyle? How will you get to work? Are there schools nearby? Where can you shop? The answer to these questions is also the answer to the first question of buying-- which is "Where"?

2. What type of home do you want to live in?

  After location, the next decision you'll have to make is about the kind of space you want to live in. There is a world of options to choose from, including high rise, low rise, town homes and single family. You'll also need to think about the combination of rooms and living spaces that would best suit your needs. Do you need 1 bedroom, 2 or more? What is the best type of layout for you? What direction do you want to face and how high up would you like to be? What types of amenities are you most interested in?

3. Ideally, how much do I want to spend?

  To answer this question, you will first need to determine how much you can afford based on the location and the type of home you want to live in. You will have to decide on an appropriate down payment as well as your mortgage carrying ability. You will need to add these numbers to all other loan expenses you might have as well as your total average monthly expenses. The sum of these numbers needs to be an amount that you can comfortably cover within your available financial resources.  We highly recommend reaching out to one of our lenders who has years of experience in the financing industry.

4. Do the online research.

  Although there are many attractive listings in and around Minneapolis, you will need to take some time to determine which area you have the greatest confidence in. Getting updates from one of Ben's team of agents will start to shed light on the market niche you have the greatest interest in.  

5. Sit down with a Urban Realtor to understand the market.

  Once you've had a chance to scan the market on the web the next step is to meet with a Realtor--someone with a focus in the niche market you want to purchase in.  The first few appointments should be educational, informative and give you a clear understanding of the next steps of how you and a Realtor work together to find ideal properties and the relationship you have going forward.  Beleive it or not Ben Ganje and his team work at no cost to their buyer clients.  Find out more about connecting with a Realtor.

If you're ready to start house hunting online, you can search real estate listings now. Thinking about buying? Check out our Buyer's Guide for helpful ideas. To sit down with Ben to being understanding the market contact us right here.