This couple just purchased a condo in downtown Minneapolis  The evolution of urban living in Minneapolis is taking another interesting turn, here's what we are finding: part of the buyer market is purchasing for part time living purposes and weekend stays versus full time condo living.  These types of buyers are looking for a smaller condo or loft tucked somewhere in an ideal neighborhood within Minneapolis.  They are looking for an urban cabin.

An Urban Cabin?  Say what?

   Over the past 2-3 years the buyer market has changed and become dynamic.  Suddenly the idea of purchasing a condo downtown for full time use doesnt nessesarily make sense for every buyer.  As the baby boomer generation begins the cycle of downsizing from their palacial single family homes in the burbs to high density areas of the city suddenly the idea of living in one property full time while retired doesn't sound so attractive.  Empty nesters are buying multiple properties across the country albiet much smaller in size and scope than in previous years. 

What's an Urban Cabin?

  An urban cabin has broad definition, for some it is a weekend escape from a routine lifestyle.  For others, an urban cabin is a part time residence to stay for 3-6 months at a time before locking the door and going somewhere else.  The beauty of this lifestyle for most is the lack of liability and responsibility an owner ultimately holds.  The generation currently embracing it-mainly empty nesters-have typically been living in a single family house most of their life and this new found freedom being without kids, mixed with turn key living makes for a newly enhanced mobile lifestyle.

Where are Urban Cabins?

  In areas of the North Loop, Mill District and more recently in older buildings of the downtown central district are studio and 1 bedroom Minneapolis condos and lofts ripe for this type of lifestyle.  Depending on your point of reference an urban cabin could be a small studio or a few bedrooms within a unit.  For more details on the market and to find out more details on urban cabins contact Ben Ganje

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