About Ben Ganje

  Ben Ganje and his wife Carrie, along with their three little ones reside in home they built a few years ago not far from 50th and France.  With years of experience helping local buyers and sellers just like yourself, Ben Ganje + Partners at Lakes Sotheby's International Realty knows how to locate ideal properties and negotiate the best deals. It's his job to know about the latest market conditions, and upcoming developments — so that you don't have to.


Living the Urban Life

  Ben Ganje and his wife Carrie lived downtown in the early 2000s as the riverfront that was slowly taking on a transformation from old mills and empty parking lots to world-class theaters and condo living. “At the time not everyone could envision the turnaround of the city,” Ben says. Fast forward to the present and it’s hard to believe the Mill District was ever a quiet area with the new Guthrie Theatre, MacPhail Center for the Arts, and a soon to be Whole Foods under construction, farmers markets in the summer, new parks and an array of living options. During the warmer parts of the year Ben and his wife Carrie often take walks along the riverfront. “You can usually meet a handful of your neighbors just taking a walk over the Stone Arch Bridge,” he says, “At dusk, the city lights from the river are inspiring.”  Once Carrie and Ben had children it was evident they needed more space moving to the lakes area of Minneapolis and more recently built a new home just outside the city limits.


  Raised just outside the Twin Cities, Ben often visited Minneapolis in his formative years. He fell in love with the liveliness of the city and at a young age knew that he would eventually be living in the middle of it all. After spending the majority of his formal education out east, Ben’s business administration degree brought him back to Minneapolis. Now living in the Minneapolis Lakes area with his wife, and their two little boys, Finnegan and Miles, they enjoy all the amenities of the city. The idea of less time spent commuting to work give this couple plenty of time to enjoy the urban life.

Experience & Insight

  For years Ben’s career in Real Estate has been involved in the urban markets with developers and builders, responsible for the success of numerous projects. As a sales leader in Minneapolis, Ben guides buyers advising them on the market conditions and gives them the information they need to make the right decision. Let Ben’s solid record of experience in the urban markets make your goals of living downtown a reality! As a resident of the Minneapolis Lakes area it’s a lifestyle he lives and breathes every day. With extensive market knowledge, up to date insight into the availability and the distinctions between the different communities available to you, he can help you find your ideal property.

Commitment to You

  Living in Minneapolis and working with a number of Developers, Builders, Sellers and Buyers has given Ben experience and understanding. His dedication to his clients means he is available when they need him. In today’s ever-changing real estate market there are many more variables to understand in the buying process and having an agent that can articulate these points and interpret them to your advantage is critical for a successful buying or selling experience.

  Next time you are looking to buy or sell in Minneapolis and the surrounding area, have a chat with Ben. His experience and focus will put your dreams in motion. Work with a professional who understands the current market. Ben Ganje and his group of agents at Lakes Sothebys International Realty are your resource. He’s here to lead your way to success and help you realize your real estate goals.

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